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9 year old local Rian Butler is an aspiring wildlife camera man. He made a biodiversity project video in the woods near Old Bridge along our PURE Mile. We were very impressed with his footage and so was RTE 1. They dedicated an item to him on the radio show CountryWide. You can listen to it here:

CountryWide - Rian Butler - RTE 1
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And you can watch Rian's video here:

Here you see sme footage from one of the yards in Oldbridge of a great spotted woodpecker feeding a chicken and a red squirrel having his lunch. 

In 2017 some children living on the Baltynanima PURE Mile found out more about the animals living in the area. They gathered informaion and drew pictures. 

This is what they found: 


There are at least two badger setts in the area. They are regularly sighted on the roads at night time

and there is evidence of their digging in areas.  


Bats inhabit the area and were observed on the bat walk as outlined. Their flight paths have been

noted along the tree lines. The erection of bat boxes in the area will encourage continued habitation

by the various species.  


These are frequently seen and their burrows are to be found in field boundaries and earthen banks.



Both red and grey squirrels are present in the area but mainly in the adjoining Coillte plantations and

in Kinlan’s Wood en route to Lough Dan.


Pine Marten

The Pine Marten is known to have been present with a road kill spotted in the area. They are hard to spot.

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