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Cobbler's Stone

This stone here is known locally as the ‘Cobbler’s Stone’. The exact origin of the name is unknown, but it is reported that fairies live and make shoes at the cobbler stone.


According to legend Leprechauns (male fairies) are cobblers, making the shoes of all other fairy folk. Fairies need new shoes quite often because they love to dance so much that their shoes ware out quickly.


The ‘Cobbler’s Stone’ is situated just below a ‘Sceach’ tree or Hawthorn, also associated with fairies. It is believed these trees guard the entrance to the fairy realm and it is still considered bad luck to harm one.


Years ago, people walking down Ballilam Lane at night time were afraid to pass the stone. They reportedly heard noises coming from it and thought it were the fairies. No one has ever dared move it!

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