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In 2017 PURE Mile Baltynanima organised a Wild Flower Walk.


On a warm summer evening in June the Baltynanima Pure Mile got a visit from plantologist Wendy Nairn. She took us on a walk along the mile and explained about the different wildflowers that we found along the way. About 20 people attended the walk and even some dogs came along. The kids got little books to identify the butterflies and bees we saw and they were entertained by a nature hunt bingo game. Because of the deforesting in Ireland a lot of forest plants and habitat moved to the hedgerows. That is why we have such rich and varied plants on our roadsides. Wendy told us the names of most of the plants that we encountered, and which ones we can eat or are good for our skin. We got to see the dandelion in a whole different light when it turned out this weed that everybody tries to get rid of is actually quite useful. It was a lovely wildflower walk. I never knew the side of the road could be so interesting and it’s a great way to spend an evening with your neighbours.


Click here to see some of the wild flowers on our Mile​ in August

Pure Mile Baltynanima: Wildflower Walk

Pure Mile Baltynanima: Wildflower Walk

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